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Just one word

Have you ever wanted to journal?  Write out prayers and thoughts?  But just struggle with being consistent or finding the time.  I know the last thing we all need in our busy world is one more thing to do.  But if you’re like me, you want to journal but always struggle. Recently a friend gave me a new journal and said to just…


A prayer for parents in May

With the school year winding down, there’s so much to do and the kids all seem to have crazy amounts of energy. May is hard! Here’s a fun prayer for you this month that may help you survive until summer: Dear Lord Deliver us from halfhearted lunch-packing and complete lack of backpack checking. Please see us through the…


Do whatever he tells you

We can feel unqualified for what God is calling us to.  But if God is leading us, we can be confident that He will be with us every step of the way.


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I've been dealing with severe anxiety for 2 months. Seeing a counselor and doctor. They know it's only anxiety, but I have a huge personal fear of mental...

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Please pray for me not to be religious (legalistic) and please pray for me to pray for others sincerely and not half-heartedly and pray for me to desire...

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I was bit by a spider today. Please pray the symptoms go away. We have brown recluse spiders so it makes me anxious. Pray for healing and peace of...

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Please pray, my finances are being attacked. Need a financial blessing quickly. Thank you & God bless...

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mountains with lake in the foreground
Connecting Faith

What are you in awe of?

Humans are hardwired for awe, but sin distracts us from the glory of our Creator and often we end up worshipping everything but God.


Barefoot on the dock
Live the Promise

How to be unoffendable

Sometimes it’s easier to just let things go. But what does that look like in a culture that holds up anger as a virtue?


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The gang’s (almost) all here

Do you know someone who feels hopelessly lost? Kyle Idleman shares how we can help those who are at the end of their proverbial rope. “They want to know that what they’re going through is not a first.”… While listening and asking questions is good, Kyle says it’s important connect them with others who share their story. “I’ve



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